There is no ‘right’ way to breathe? Change the verb from ‘breathe’ to ‘allow’ – let the breath come and go on its own, and pay attention to it. That’s your access to calm & mental clarity.

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DESIGNING CONTENT – Light my fire!

How do you prepare a presentation? If you are like many people, the common approach is to begin at the beginning… “How do I start? What information do I want to present?” First we scramble to organize reams of material so it will flow logically, so we can fit it all in, so we can […]


At first, many business people I work with are pretty skeptical when I mention ‘the breath’.  Then they experience how dramatically their impact on others shifts – when they simply take the time to sense their own breath. This is a simple, and seemingly magical shift… from looking for all the answers in your intellect […]