You already have the tools. You just need to learn how to make the most of them.

Communication Skills

The Humanity of Leadership

I am a witness. Over more than three decades it has been my joy and privilege to work with people who have had the courage to take on the mantle of leadership. I have been privy to the challenges, victories and heartbreaks that every person in a position of authority experiences. I am acutely aware […]

The Wisdom of Incremental Shifts

I am noticing a trend. My clients are being asked to produce more … more content, more results… in less and less time. My husband has an expression for this – drinking from a fire hose. Collectively we seem to be living in the interpretation of reality that says “in this world of exponential change […]

Creating an Atmosphere of Listening

  CREATING AN ATMOSPHERE OF LISTENING Each of us has the power to profoundly influence the atmosphere of the groups within which we live and communicate. It means being fully responsible for our own experience  – for the sensations we recognize within ourselves, the emotions we either allow or resist, the intuition we heed or […]

DESIGNING CONTENT – Light my fire!

How do you prepare a presentation? If you are like many people, the common approach is to begin at the beginning… “How do I start? What information do I want to present?” First we scramble to organize reams of material so it will flow logically, so we can fit it all in, so we can […]


If Not Why Not? What is it that makes one person compelling in front of an audience or in a meeting, while another can’t seem to get their message across? Many people assume the answer is in the quality of the content. If the message is there, how it is delivered doesn’t matter all that […]


At first, many business people I work with are pretty skeptical when I mention ‘the breath’.  Then they experience how dramatically their impact on others shifts – when they simply take the time to sense their own breath. This is a simple, and seemingly magical shift… from looking for all the answers in your intellect […]