(A platform for realizing your leadership potential)

Are you aware of how you affect others?

Does the quality of your voice match the depth of your commitment?

Are you colorful, entertaining and compelling?

Does every minute of your content have the desired impact?

When your body, voice, and imagination – your instruments for communication, are aligned and at your command, you’ll be visibly effective.

With The Stand & Deliver Toolbox you have a valuable resource of simple exercises and focal points to use, whatever the situation, for physical, vocal and mental awareness and ease.

Breath Awareness

Do you ever feel a little ‘starved for breath’?
Are you particularly short of breath under stress

The good news is that the solution is simple. Our bodies know how to access relaxation and power naturally. You learn to let the breath to come and go on its own and (consciously) go along for the ride. Sensing the movement of breath throughout the body is basic to this process. This awareness provides an experience and a way to be that will connect you to vitality | the capacity to resolve stress | flow rather than reaction to life’s challenges | clarity and effectiveness in communication | and self responsibility.

You will trust that you can access calm, mental clarity, creativity, and expressiveness easily, by allowing your natural breath.

The basis of this approach to breath awareness is the Middendorf Breathexperience –

Physical Awareness

Are you comfortable in your own skin at all times?
Does your body communicate your intended message?
Or is it revealing a story you’d rather not tell

The Stand & Deliver Toolbox series of simple exercises and actions creates a sense of being grounded, as well as physical ease and mobility. Your physical expression then connects and relates to your words and your voice. Gestures come naturally and support what you are saying. You’re able to apply this comfort and expressiveness in varying situations.

Vocal Expression

Have you ever wished that a speaker would stop droning on in a monotone?
Have you ever wished you had a more vibrant voice?

You are not stuck with the voice you think you were born with, although it is much more sonorous and expressive than you probably imagine. The building blocks of breath awareness and physical awareness expand the communicative potential of your voice. The Stand & Deliver Vocal Toolbox helps you explore your vocal potential by connecting these two building blocks with your imagination, the ingredient that makes your voice interesting. You’ll find the voice you never knew you had and the power to influence, excite and create with it!


Do you grab your audience?
Or are you afraid to go ‘too far’?
Would you like to deliver information?
Or be an inspiring storyteller?

Using your imagination takes your communication from ordinary to inspiring. Connecting your imagination to your message makes magic happen.  Your communication moves quickly from black and white to full color.  All it takes is commitment and a little daring.  Add a willingness to challenge your beliefs about your creative potential and your performance power will be unleashed. Every person has the capacity to be deeply expressive.  Stand & Deliver shows the way and delivers the techniques.  Make the leap… and free your inner performer.


If you blame too much information/too little time when your results don’t tally with your intentionyour message and delivery skills probably don’t either.

Even for very senior executives, knowing how to distill content so that everything you say has impact may be a big challenge.  The Toolbox provides a clear and concise map to support your desired result. Your words become the streamlined vehicle for your inspired expression.  This  reliable and focused approach to organizing content cuts prep time and builds in results.

Choose Stand & Deliver to jump start your communication, leadership and public speaking skills and take you to a new level of success.