Every person is truly unique.  Identifying that quality in ourselves, and expressing it, gives us the power to make an impact.  Identifying it in others gives us the power to lead.
In an instant, we communicate volumes – with our bodies, our voices, and our presence – before we utter a word.
Meaningful communication happens when we are able to set our own concerns aside, remain keenly self aware, and then focus our attention on the other person…or our audience.

In the years I have coached professionals in performance, I have observed that when these three elements are present, ordinary exchanges turn extraordinary. And I have witnessed, repeatedly, that real communicative power stems from a willingness to reveal our own humanity, and to be more interested in connecting with others, than we are in how we look to others.

Having the courage to be seen as the passionate, committed and complex people we are is the most fruitful risk we can take in the pursuit of communication effectiveness. Yes, there is skill and technique involved. Those are critical components to mastery. Most importantly, they give us the confidence to speak authentically … and the freedom to focus on others.

I do this work because I am inspired when I witness clients experience the exhilaration of expressing themselves authentically, and the power of connecting with others.  I see people’s relationships with themselves and with each other transform, as they recognize the depth of their ability to impact one another, simply by being willing to express and connect.  As I see it, the more responsibility a person attains as a leader, the more vital it is that they have the capacity to inspire their people.  My role, in this work, is to make that easy.

P.S. Stand & Deliver is committed to facilitating a deeper and more immediate access to your natural power as a communicator. Are you ready?