(Life-changing Programs for companies and individuals)

“We work together to define your needs and then design a coaching program that will help you deliver much more than great presentations.”

The Stand & Deliver Effect

Relate optimally in every sphere – from negotiations to disputes to effectively managing interpersonal communications at all levels.

Be at ease with yourself and confident that you’re communicating exactly what you intend, in the manner you intend. It will be easy to get your message across and focus on responding to your audience or your team, and enjoy it. And when you have fun, so does your audience.

Know what intrigues and engages about you. The ability to express it freely creates the power to inspire and a distinctive leadership presence.

Corporate Development

For companies, we recommend a two to three stage process of customized skills training with small groups(six participants max) plus one-on-one sessions spread over three to six months.

To make sure the skills are established and evolve, coaching is accessible and includes ongoing refresher opportunities. A quick chat or phone Q & A often offers solutions to shedding bad habits, solidifying new practices/techniques or getting on track when developing a presentation or speech.

For individual clients, half-day sessions take place over a period of two weeks to two months, determined by client goals and time frame.


I think the workshop builds beautifully upon itself with each section. If one session was to be removed, then I don’t think the overall success would have been achieved. It was so useful to see my colleagues go through the exercises as well and to learn from each other. Your feedback throughout had a huge impact.
~ Elise Riddal | lululemon athletica ~

A two-day training focuses on tools and coaching that will make you more comfortable in your own skin. Exercises and actions in the Stand & Deliver Toolbox build:

  • Breath awareness
  • Physical awareness and presence
  • Vocal presence and expressiveness
  • Physical, mental and emotional ease under stress

The Toolbox introduction, with an emphasis on breath awareness is the foundation for the development of self-awareness, ease, expressiveness, and personal presence, plus a vibrant and powerful voice.

You have repeated opportunities to put the tools into practice. In some sessions you deliver actual business related presentations, focusing on formal public speaking skills.  Other sessions are keyed to improvisation and focus on communication and leadership. Throughout, you:

  • Build ease, flexibility and expressiveness
  • Learn the ability to connect with the individuals in the audience, and maintain that connection
  • Learn what it means to inspire. You will be challenged to inspire others by daring to be inspired.
  • Identify your unique personal qualities and convey them with confidence


This half-day one-on-one work session takes place one to two months after the initial two-day Building the Foundation session. This is where individual coaching happens; we address your unique needs, interests and challenges in depth.

  • You will have put tools and awareness into practice; the coaching session will spotlight particular issues/help find solutions
  • You may need to focus on an upcoming presentation or how to resolve a persistent challenge to communication or leadership effectiveness.  You’re able to address specific concerns in a confidential settling, or to spend time on a particular competency
  • One-on-One sessions  build on the communication, leadership and public speaking skills  you have been developing to achieve success and personal awareness


To keep up the momentum of growth, we meet as a group for a one-day session three to six months after completing Stages One and Two.   On this day, issues raised from our previous work together are revisited and new scenarios that present stress or complication are introduced.  These specific subjects can include:

Structuring content 

  • Even for senior executives, distilling content so that everything you say has impact, may be challenging.  This session presents an approach to structuring content that promotes focus and clarity … for the desired result.

Presenting in a theater or large ballroom

  • Effective use of microphones
  • Vocal and physical presence that fills the space
  • Getting away from the podium
  • Creating intimacy with a large audience
  • Owning the whole stage
  • Dealing with awkward logistics (how to avoid being eclipsed by audio visuals)
  • Turning presence into performance

Worthwhile meetings

  • Responding and relating to diverse personalities
  • Chairing a meeting skillfully
  • Responding to direct challenge with power and grace
  • Communicating powerfully when seated around a boardroom table
  • Taking the floor – and handing it over
  • Responsible listening
  • Having and communicating a stake in the outcome
  • Including remote participants (phone and video conferencing)

Handling media interviews successfully

  • How to maintain calm, authority, and executive presence with a camera in your face and a journalist asking challenging questions.  This will be addressed from both a content and delivery standpoint.  The session is co-taught by Valerie and a media-relations specialist, who will address the content aspect