Valerie has helped strengthen my leadership presence and increased my abilities around cross-functional and peer influencing skills. Her talent, experience and keen behavioral assessment is what makes her coaching sessions so accurate and customized to the individual leader. I highly recommend Valerie’s talents for any leadership opportunity, or to take strengths to the next level … she is amazing!
~ Cindy Bokitch | Starbucks Coffee Company

At our awards dinner Chip stopped in the middle of his speech and asked a lovely young woman to stand, as he wanted to acknowledge her. He told her that “everything he learned about being present, and public speaking he learned in the 2 minutes he heard her speak at conference”. That beautiful woman was…Nissa! I want to thank you for everything you did to prepare us all for conference. Chris was a total rock star…really…who channeled both the godfather and his sweet genuine self. Elise OWNED our experience room, with her beautiful strong voice (that came from her back!). And I felt both of my feet on the ground, every time I took the mike, allowing me to truly be with all the amazing people I had in the room. We are so grateful for your impact.
~ Janeen Speer | lululemon athletica ~

I want you to know how happy I was with the Leadership Meeting I went to after we worked together.  I was so very conscious of pace and what my body was communicating and I went into the meeting inhabiting myself as an equal with the other leaders.  I really felt a difference and can see tangible improvements.  In fact, my ‘performance’ was as good as I could have hoped for and I really felt the crowd’s reaction positively.  Thank you!
~ Alicia Rosas | Starbucks Coffee Company ~

You really are so good at what you do. You have a great sense of who someone is – their strengths and struggles – very quickly. I really enjoyed the workshop and found it to be very valuable. I am able to take many things I learned and apply them to my everyday life.
~ Britt Taylor | lululemon athletica ~

I had an amazing experience being part of Valerie’s Stand & Deliver training. It was exactly what I needed to bring out my inner voice. She was great at getting us out of our comfort zone and the material and exercises were fun and engaging. More importantly, I valued the honest feedback she provided and the advice she gave during our time together. I’ve incorporated my learning into my day to day work and have seen the results.
~ Christopher Tham | luluemon athletica ~

The most beneficial aspects for me were pacing and posture.  I had no idea how quickly I was speaking and how my posture would affect my messaging. I was not aware of how much of my message was getting lost due to improper pacing (being too fast).  The time spent on how to stand and what to do with my hands was truly beneficial.  Breath awareness has not only allowed me to calm myself when nerves kick in but it also has slowed me down to fully form a thought. I have actually had multiple people tell me that my presentation style has improved greatly.
~ Brandon Kennedy | Petsmart ~

Breath awareness was a huge success for me. It has allowed me to relax. I have never relaxed that deeply before nor did I think I could in a business or presentation setting. I could feel the difference breath, eye contact and slowing down made at the Regional meeting.  I felt I had the full attention of the audience – all eyes were on me and they were listening to what I had to say.  It was a great feeling for me – I was relaxed and enjoyed the presentation. First I want to recognize your ability to transform the four of us in the 2 short days we were together.  Fantastic.  I cannot thank you enough for your guidance and honesty during our time together.  Your kind encouraging words were very valuable.  Prior to this training I thought I would never be a good presenter.  Now I understand what skills I need to improve on and for that I thank you very much!
~ Jennifer Kelly | Petsmart ~

I am more aware of myself and my breath.  What I am realizing is that this awareness is not only used in giving a speech but everyday interactions with people. In my recent presentation at the Regional Meeting, the breath awareness was a calming place where I could rest and refocus. Vocal expression is everyday homework. This is my biggest challenge but I know it will make a big difference in my message. All the people that are close to me are now aware that I have homework. They are continually asking “what did you say?”. Valerie, many thanks to you for giving us the opportunity to work with such a pro. You moved me out of my comfort zones but the journey is well worth it. I am on a journey that I might not have been without your guidance.
~ Shane Wilson | Petsmart ~

Stand & Deliver is exactly what Valerie Galvin does. Although I have lectured and given seminars for over 25 years, I have a lot to learn from Valerie. She interacts with a warm and caring presence with everyone. Valerie is a truly gifted teacher whose skills and awareness continue to surprise and delight me. She has taught me to capture ‘the moment’ and translate that into a skill to master.
~ T. Penn | Tamara Penn and Associates ~

Valerie, thank you for your insight and patience. I was struck by how personal your approach was – that it was about connecting with people, not about ‘broadcasting’ to people. It was one of those experiences that I know will live with me for a long time – thank you.
~ T. Dillon | Lane4 Canada ~

Valerie Galvin conducted a public speaking unit for the graduating Leadership Class at The Hill Academy in Vaughan, Ontario. This was a 4 week course working with 16 student athletes and myself. Personally, I was very affected by Valerie, her techniques, her care, and her effectiveness during the course. Her approach surprised me and taught me a whole different direction to follow not only with the content but also with her interaction with the class. Her expressiveness and responsiveness were key elements. The class was comprised of 17 and 18 year old athletes who are at ease on the field or rink but really were quite uneasy standing up in front of people and delivering a message. She captured them right away, helped them emerge with confidence and skills to be very competent public speakers. They learned a holistic approach developing an awareness of their physical presence, the connection with the audience, and essential ingredients of delivering a strong message. The experience for our student athletes and the school was significant.
~ Peter Merrill | CEO and Founder The Hill Academy ~

I like working with Valerie because her style is different.  Unlike other personal coaching sessions where the focus is simply on presentation techniques, Valerie used the whole body to support traditional presentation techniques to build confidence and amazing results.  With only a few one-on-one coaching sessions, I was able to see real improvements in myself.
~ Willa Choy | British Columbia Safety Authority