STAND & DELIVER provides the tools, principles, and strategies for performance success.

Stand & Deliver is a specialized coaching process which offers the communication, leadership, and public speaking skills you need to shine in the current competitive business, social, and political environments.
Tailored to You
: One-on-one and group/workshop coaching/follow-up services delivered where and when you need them.


Passion. Presence. Relationship. Inspiration.

All great leaders express their vision, passion, and personal uniqueness with authenticity and courage. Each one of us has this capacity. Stand & Deliver gives you the tools and the means to develop these qualities within yourself and move to a new level of leadership success.

Would you like to …

  • Show the passion and drive that unites people?
  • Have leadership presence that makes you memorable?
  • Build strong relationships on the job and off?
  • Inspire those around you?

You can, with Stand & Deliver.


Leadership and Responsibility

Great leaders take personal responsibility for the outcome of every interaction. Enhancing your personal power, presence, awareness, and transparency will help you ensure that your interactions achieve their intended result.  Stand & Deliver guides you through the principles and the process to meet this goal on the public speaking stage, in the board room, and in your day to day leadership role.

We each have a story to tell, in our own unique way.
Do you know what makes you interesting to others? Are you capitalizing on that quality?

We communicate even when we don’t say a word.
At meetings, one-on-one, or on stage – do you inadvertently defeat your objectives and undermine what you hope to achieve?

We are effective when we can leave our concerns behind and focus on others.
This takes confidence, skill and genuine curiosity about other people. Do you have it? Could you use some help?

With Stand & Deliver, you increase:

  • Self awareness – understand and master how you affect the people around you
  • Physical presence – convey both personal power and accessibility
  • Vocal presence – develop your capacity to communicate any message vividly
  • Leadership presence – exude self assurance, openness, and vitality
  • Confidence – be comfortable in your own skin, in any situation
  • Capacity to relate – learn how to initiate immediate connection and stimulate curiosity, attentiveness, inspiration and trust