You need more than compelling content to make your message count. It is vital to have command over your communicating instrument: your voice, your body and your imagination must work together to unify your intention and achieve your goals. These are the attributes of a skilled public speaker.

Speaking Visually
Presenters’ nervous habits cause a disconnect.  You’ve probably seen speakers pacing, twitching, toying with their fingers, waving hands, gripping furniture or lecterns, making ineffective eye contact, speaking too fast or droning on and on … and on. Clearly they’re not connecting with their audience.
Engaging Audience Response
Visual distractions … distract. They make you wonder about the presenter instead of the message. Is he or she hiding something? Is listening to this person too much like work? Very likely you feel anxious for and about them.
Fight or Flight Nerves
Does presenting bring on dry mouth, shortness of breath, stiff body, stiff neck, sweating, a sense you’re losing track? Can you control these sensations or do they control you? All indicate adrenalin running amok.
Bad Habits Tell the Story
Too often, our voices and bodies betray us. They telegraph our internal discomfort, which we may not even recognize or equate. Even those of us who are already effective presenters have physical and vocal habits that inhibit our ability to move on to performance excellence.
Good News About Bad Habits
Simple tools that are easy to integrate into your life help you gain awareness and command of yourself – physically, vocally and mentally. This sets the stage to create a channel of communication between you and your audience to deliver inspiration, energy and passion – the platform for effective and successful speakers. The principles apply whether your audience is one or one thousand.

Coaching builds public speaking skills:

Physical Expression: To communicate strength, ease and flexibility. Using gestures that naturally express the meaning behind the words.
Vocal Expression: Developing your vocal range and timbre.
Imagination: Communicating your ideas in glorious color.

And develops these crucial elements:
Eyes: The essential factor in any effective interaction.
Silence: The hidden power in silence.
Space: The strategic use of space to enhance your impact.

Access your capabilities. Rely on Stand & Deliver’s proven tools to develop your unique public speaking qualities. When you present your ideas effectively, it’s win/win!

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